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Investing in massage is an investment in your health and well-being.  It is part of your journey to optimal health.

         Services for our clients

Full-body Swedish Massage – relieve built-up tension, alleviate stress, improve muscle tone, stimulate circulation, and promote overall wellness and relaxation.

Pain Management Techniques – assessment and application of specific massage and stretching movement techniques to address discomfort and pain, restore joint range of motion, improve flexibility, reduce tender trigger points, and restore structural balance to soft tissue.

Hot Stone Massage - massage using heated river stones for comfort, warmth and soothing relaxation.  Hot Stone Massage is wonderful for tight muscles.  Hot Bamboo Massage and Himalayan Hot Stone Massage are available as well. 

Sports Massage – stimulating massage before physical activity to warm-up muscles and increase flexibility.  Active Isolated Stretching to achieve your greatest range of motion and flexibility.  Massage following sport activity to improve lymph circulation, to reduce buildup of lactic acid and toxins, and to relax muscles.

Oncology Massage - using, gentle supportive techniques tailored to provide quality of life and relief from pain and stress for those currently having cancer or those with a history of this disease.   This gentle massage can be utilized before the next treatment session to help reduce anxiety and side effects, or anytime 72 hours following treatment.  Oncology Massage is also appropriate once treatment has been completed.  This includes the day you are told "Cancer free" through many years going forward. 

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage - Safe massage during pregnancy called Prenatal massage,  to help prepare you for and cope with the special demands of carrying and delivering a baby.  Following delivery, a Postnatal massage helps to facilitate your body's return to a pre-pregnant posture and helps to relieve muscle soreness.. 

Gentle Supportive Touch Massage for more Sensitive Clients - nurturing, gentle touch, for more sensitive clients, which can provide quality of life and relief from pain and stress.  This technique is designed  for seniors, for special needs individuals, or for other folks with a variety of health challenges. 

Lymph Drainage – technique of gentle massage intended to encourage the natural drainage of lymph.  Your lymphatic system helps to detoxify the body of waste and plays a role in immunity.  Surgery or other damage can cause fluids to build up and inhibit the natural action of the lymphatic system causing swelling.  Gentle lymph drainage massage helps to move the fluid buildup and reduce swelling.

Healing Touch – clear, balance and energize the human energy system for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and self-healing.  Healing Touch is excellent balancing for everyone and for any age.  Several specific Healing Touch techniques are focused for lymph drainage, comfort in periods of transition, pain management, and relaxation or quieting of the mind.

Aromatherapy Massage – a nurturing massage using a topical preparation of pure essential oils, extracted from aromatic plants known to enhance health and beauty, for example lavender, eucalyptus, Frankincense, peppermint, tea tree, and more.  Apply essential oils in a Swedish massage or ask for the Raindrop Technique to bring balance and harmony to your body.  Neuroauricular Therapy, using essential oils, is also offered to bring a sense of peace and calm to you.

Seated / Chair Massage – Alleviate tension and muscular stress, while in a seated position for general relaxation and overall well-being.  This service is particularly useful at community and corporate events, physical fitness centers, employee appreciation events, and in-home parties.  Healing Touch techniques can be added for energy system balancing and relaxation.

Other Services – Hot Towel Cold Stone Face Massage - The contrast feels wonderful on your face and can be beneficial to your sinuses.   Ionic Detox Foot Bath – Help your feet feel light and energetic as the foot bath draws out unwanted toxins.   Ear Candling – Technique to easily remove unwanted wax from your ears.  Results can be so beneficial to your level of hearing.   Magnetic Rollout Massage - Use of a magnetic massage tool to promote your relaxation and comfort.

Pain Management Techniques – additional information on assessment and application of specific massage and stretching movement techniques to address pain, restore joint range of motion, improve flexibility, reduce tender trigger points, and restore structural balance to soft tissue. 

* Active Isolated Stretching – Aaron Mattes Method of muscle and fascial release technique for restoration of full range of motion and flexibility. 

*  Myofascial Release Techniques – Barry Jenings’s protocol of working with fascia (connective tissue which surrounds muscles, organs, and bones) to help eliminate pain and restore motion. 

*  Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy – A treatment protocol, from the Pittsburg School of Pain Management, to reduce tender trigger points and the associated referred pain and motor dysfunction. 

*  Orthopedic Massage and Pain Management – James Waslaski’s multidisciplinary approach to restore structural balance to the soft tissue of the body for rehabilitation and reduction of chronic pain.



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