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Prenatal Massage / Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy is a special gift of life.  It is also a time of many changes:  physical, emotional, and spiritual.

It is a time of a variety of emotions and sensations.  Some are exciting and some may not be comfortable.


A Prenatal massage helps you prepare for and cope with the special demands of carrying and delivering a baby.  It is a safe and vital part of your continued well-being.

A Postnatal massage helps to facilitate your body’s return to a pre-pregnant posture and helps to relieve muscle soreness.  It is a time to relax and regroup your thoughts and emotions and to reconnect your body.


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Benefits of a massage while pregnant - Prenatal

*  Promote relaxation, reduce stress, and encourage feelings of well-being.

*  Increase circulation to mom and baby.

*  Reduce discomfort in back, neck, and shoulder muscles and restore postural balance.

*  Combat fatigue.

*  Reduce swelling in hands and feet.

*  Provide emotional and physical support.

*  And it Feels Good !


Benefits of a massage following delivery - Postnatal

*  Relieve muscle soreness, aches, and pains.

*  Hasten your body’s return trip to its pre-pregnant condition.

*  Provide relaxation and reduce stress.

*  Reduce postpartum blues.

*  Reconnect the body, mind, and spirit to feel whole again.

*  Provide emotional and physical support.

*  And it Feels Good !




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